About Bellvo

In a thriving time and market, we know it’s not always easy to find a company who will not only do a great job and stand by their work, but also offer services that are personal and focused on customer satisfaction. That’s why we have designed Bellvo Contractors to focus on excelling in all of these aspects. With over 40 years of experience in the construction trade, our company is built on precision and values. To us, our customers’ trust is of the highest importance and we accomplish that with exceptional, friendly, and affordable work.

Creating a name and presence in our community by the integrity of our work is what inspires us everyday. As members of the community, we are delighted to lend our skill set in order to help our neighbors reach new levels of success. We also look forward to opening more jobs with our company to those who thrive on being of service to others. Our motivation for our work are the smiles and thank you’s we receive from our clients and the exciting progression of Boise.

About Mike

Mike Parker is the founder of Bellvo Contractors and has been building houses for the entirety of his life. Since the age of 11, Mike has had a passion for construction that has only grown. For Mike, construction isn’t work, it’s artistic expression. While building through his young adult life, he also got a degree in pre-med and fine art. He’s honored to be listed in the Smithsonian for 3 bronze sculptures displayed at his university today. Mike’s interests also include chemistry, history, and social issues. Some of his work includes providing centers for the homeless that gave them clothes and food. He’s also done extraordinary work at water parks, creating dolphinariums, slides, and even structures at SeaWorld. Mike also gave his time to serve for our country. Overseas, he served in the military building structures and overseeing important equipment. Today, Mike operates Bellvo with a heart for his community. With his extensive background and skill set, he looks to help his fellow neighbors and business owners achieve success. With a knack for perfection, Mike has quickly made a name for himself as Bellvo Contractors in the Treasure Valley.

“The world accommodates you for fitting in but only rewards you for standing out.”

-Matshona Dhliwayo