Specialty Rooms Boise, Idaho

At Bellvo, we have the experience and equipment required to make the most detailed and specific rooms imaginable. Any material or purpose you have in mind for a specialty room can be accomplished by us. With this service, we aim for complete customer satisfaction and anonymity. With nondisclosure agreements, we ensure that your specialty room is kept a secret for your safety and privacy. If you have any type of specialty room in mind, contact us today and we can discuss the process to make your dream come true.

Specialty Room Types

We’ve been designing and constructing various specialty rooms for years. Clients come to us with unique room ideas and we take the appropriate steps to make it happen. Some specialty rooms that we’ve done are listed below but we are always open to doing new and exciting projects.

  • Safe Rooms
  • Indoor Shooting Ranges
  • Gun Rooms
  • Home Theaters
  • Wine Cellars
  • Game Rooms
  • Exercise Rooms
  • Custom Rooms